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Whether you're still an analogue console fan or moved on to digital, Soundcraft has a console offering for tour sound engineers for all event sizes.

Soundcraft's reputation of quality and reliability has been earned over 35 years since first mixer-in-a-flightcase, the Series 1. Mic preamps that won't overload so easy, EQ's that sound smooth and give you total control, and layouts that any engineer can mix on within minutes - yes, even digital consoles that are easy to use thanks to patented technologies like VistonicsTM and FaderGlowTM.

Today's leading artists and event companies depend on Soundcraft Vi Series consoles thanks not only to the easy navigation and control but the amazing sound quality delivered thanks to mic preamps designed by our founder and legend Graham Blyth.

For Corporate events where speed and functionality is prime, analogue mixers like the 8-bus GB Series with matrix outputs or the dependable MH Series which add snapshot automation and VCA grouping will make your event sound the best it can, and simple control layout means you can stay creative, and do the job you're paid to do - make it sound great!


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