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The following stories are recent articles within the last 12 months. To view our archived collection, please select 'Archived News' from the dropdown box above.

17 Dec 2014 Highlands Church Breaks Audio Barriers With HARMAN Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Console Read More
03 Dec 2014 Long Island's Vavoom and Breakdown Go Digital With HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 1 Read More
22 Oct 2014 Factor Audio Doubles Down on HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Consoles For Theater Gigs Read More
20 Oct 2014 Church On The Rock at the Golden Triangle Upgrades to HARMAN's Soundcraft Vi3000 Read More
10 Oct 2014 HARMAN's Soundcraft Releases MADI-USB Combo Card for Si Series Digital Consoles at AES 2014 Read More
29 Sep 2014 Hotel Congress Re-designs Its Club With HARMAN Professional Audio System Read More
21 Aug 2014 Coeur d'Alene Church of the Nazarene Elevates Its Sound System With HARMAN's JBL Loudspeakers and Soundcraft Digital Consoles Read More
19 Aug 2014 Philadelphia Funk Authority Displays True Multitasking Skills With HARMAN Soundcraft Si Expression 2 Console Read More
25 Jul 2014 Third New Hope Baptist Church Purchases HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 2 Digital Console For New Campus Read More
23 Jul 2014 Studio Metronome Reinforces Location Recording Business With HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Read More
22 Jul 2014 Johnny D's Serves Up A Superior Sound Experience with HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Read More
04 Jul 2014 Christian Worship Center Upgrades with HARMAN's Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console Read More
30 Jun 2014 Strictly Audio STL Counts on HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression Consoles For Regional Festivals Read More
13 Jun 2014 Wesley United Methodist Church Reinforces Its Sound With HARMAN's Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Console Read More
28 May 2014 Southfield Jazz Orchestra Upgrades to HARMAN's Soundcraft Vi1 For Jazz Ensembles Read More
07 May 2014 South Main Baptist Church Transitions to Digital with HARMAN's Si Performer 3 Consoles Read More
01 May 2014 Dayton Dragons Hit Another Home Run with HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Consoles Read More
17 Apr 2014 Winter X Games Chooses HARMAN's Soundcraft Vi1 As Part Of A New Integrated Fiber Optics Network Read More
23 Jan 2014 HARMAN's Soundcraft Racks up another winner with New Si Performer 1 Digital Console Read More
23 Jan 2014 HARMAN's Soundcraft Integrates Award-Winning UAD Plug-Ins From Universal Audio With Vi Series Read More
21 Jan 2014 A full HARMAN live sound system deployed at the Grand Plaza Main Stage during the 2014 Winter NAMM show Read More
08 Jan 2014 Top Recording Artists, Talented Children and HARMAN Soundcraft Vi4 Console Collaborate at LIVE ART: Tree of Life Event Read More

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